About Us

About Us

Baba Reggie Singleton

The Males Place is an incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  The founder Baba Reggie Singleton, along with the board of directors has embarked upon a community and youth outreach initiatives that has already changed the lives of thousands of young men in Charlotte, NC.  The project has played a major role in expanding young minds toward community and civic involvement.  From a prospective of intervention through self-awareness, the organization’s by product is the reduction of the percentages of youth delinquency and gang involvement in Charlotte and surrounding counties.
Established in 1993, The Males Place has evolved over the last several years to become a vibrant multicultural community who have mentored over 3000 youth, making our mentoring program one of the largest mentoring organizations in North Carolina.

.Have positively impacted more  than 3000 young men .
. 98% African-American and 2% multi racial.
. 12 to 18-year-old boys
. Charlotte North Carolina

The mission of the Males Place, Inc., is to provide comprehensive and prevention-based behavior health educational programming, mentoring and life skills training necessary for manhood development for African American boys ages 12-18; while creating a safe environment for young men to grow experientially, in community settings in the United States and abroad.  We offer a holistic curriculum of programs incorporating educational, spiritual, agricultural, social, civic, recreational and cultural enrichment for our youth.  We also recognize the importance of integrating artistic expression as a means of broadening the learning aptitudes of young men.  A program in the planning, but not yet offered is our collaboration with local artists that will facilitate our arts education program, instructing our young men in performance music, dance, visual art, and creative writing.

The Program Demographics

 Our three tiered program of agriculture, mentoring and social justice has served a diverse population in Mecklenburg and other counties.  The current mentee population is: 98% African-American; with 2% multi-racial.  Throughout our 24 year existence, we have mentored to a diverse group of African American males as well as males of other ethnicities to include: whites; Hispanics; Asians; and Native Americans. 95% of our mentees are considered economically disadvantaged.
Many graduates from our program matriculated to a four-year college or university, community or technical college, enlisted in the military, entered the workforce and/or other entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Volunteer Mentors

The core group consists of 10 volunteer mentors, including our executive director, two senior mentors and seven support mentors assigned to four kingdoms of the program.  Among our mentors four hold bachelor degrees with two holding advanced degrees.  Three are retired military members and three employed in various leadership occupations.
The Males Place mentees have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of special interest community service programs, attend sports events, performing and visual arts programs. We provide the young men with the opportunity to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills and apply them in areas of interest over their years with the program.

Board of Directors

Baba Reggie Singleton

Dr Leonard Brock

Khalid McRae

Board Chair

Nekie Boyd

Board Vice Chair

Deborah Howey -Echols

Board Treasurer

Dr Charles Pinckney

Jacquelyn Alston

Board Secretary